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Anne Graham - Home Music Tutor

My name is Anne Graham and I am a qualified music teacher with a B.Ed (Hons) Music degree. I have 20 years experience in teaching music to people of all ages.

I can teach you how to play any of these instruments:

  • piano or keyboard 
  • clarinet
  • flute
  • saxophone
  • recorder
  • acoustic guitar for beginners
  • ukulele for beginners

As well as learning how to play an instrument, I can teach you:

  • singing
  • music theory
  • general musicianship 
  • composition 

You may wish to return to music lessons.  I can help you regain your performance skills and all that music theory and musicianship you thought you’d forgotten!

All lessons are designed to be tailored especially to suit your musical needs and the goals that we set together.  

I am located in Yateley, Hampshire in the south of England.  


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